Another prank video? Yep, you read that right! Today I am doing a back to school prank video… teacher edition! (Pranks to pull on your teachers!!) What did you guys think of the video? Did you have a [More]
The TOP 10 FUNNIEST TOILET PRANKS you can pull on your friends, family and co-workers! The SARAN WRAP prank is hilarious!! You can wait for April’s Fools Day to arrive, but every day is a good day to [More]
Girl screams as friends pull down pants in brutal prank. Pls don’t play such pranks…as they can go VIRAL Still haven’t subscribed to WikiGrewal on YouTube? ►► CONNECT WITH WIKIGREWAL Web: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: [More]
Sorry that the quality was kind of blurry! I was in a rush when I recorded it.
Hey guys welcome to my channel today I am going to show you 3 pranks to pull on your friends
today we are showing you some pranks to do at home
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Let’s get this to 15 likes for part two.
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Hope you are enjoying these videos here on my channel in this one you’ll be seeing some very unique Halloween Pranks that you can make and pull off for Trick Or Treaters Friends and Family and Pedestrians on [More]
In this video were showing you some funny pranks.
These are 5 easy pranks to pull on your family members or friends make sure you tell your friends about our videos tell your mama. Please subscribe and like if you enjoyed make sure you comment what you [More]