Google’s April Fools Day Special. Full Video Link:- Holland is one of the greatest countries to live in, but the biggest downside is that it rains 145 days a year. That’s why the Google Cloud Platform team [More]
5 Hilarious Google Concept For 1st April…. . 1. Google self driving Bike 2.Google Translate for Animals 3.The Google Fiber Bar 4.Google Dial-Up mode 5.Google Gmail blue Hope You Like Subscribe Our Channel
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Please watch: “The Negative Vlog – I am a HORRIBLE PARENT” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- No time to shoot a new video guys, so here is an OLDIE but GOODIE from an OLD channel. OLD lol Mothers who FAIL at [More]
Google abruptly withdrew its April Fools’ Day prank for Gmail, which could send a dismissive reply to an email in one click, after angry users complained it made them inadvertently offend friends and family, and in some cases [More]
Pokémon Go Actually Started As A Google April Fools Prank ◾ If you have any info, Follow me on Twitter ► ★ Send Love Letters to: The Prank Reviewer P.O. Box 450 Keyport, NJ 07735 ★ Google [More]
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