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In this episode of Free Time, my friends and I prank call people and restaurants WITHOUT hearing them! It’s more difficult than it sounds. Comment more video suggestions down below! Make sure to follow my socials! Instagram: http://instagram.com/talfishman [More]
In this episode of Free Time, we Prank Call People … again! We call random places and people with noise cancelling headphones and try to hold a conversation. Everyone around you is supposed to help you continue the [More]
A prank I did for April Fool’s Day for my math class. I “accidentally” drew on the projector with a whiteboard marker, and get help from the YouTube video. ______________________________________________ Created by Matthew Weathers Filmed at Biola University [More]
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so Im always pranking my brother but this time I wanted to get it on camera to share with you guys how easy my brother is to prank !! he’s easy bait 不不不
Using only black pen , red pen , petroleum jelly, alcohol , green & orange oil pastel and foundation ….
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