Top 2013 Vines (~200) Clean / PG – Vine compilation – ” New Year’s Marathon ” *

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Some of The Best Vine Videos
Hilarious vine compilation including clean and/or censored vines!
Vines may have been edited for time or content.
Note: This is a vine compilation of vines. I do not own the vines and do not necessarily support their contents. Ad(s) on this video are not necessarily supported by me.

*Vines herein are not officially given PG rating but I believe this video would be given such if it had an MPAA rating.
*Some of the best

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The View From my Classroom
By: Shawn Mendes
Parkour 196
By: Kent Johns
Frisbee Bommerang!
By: Cody Johns
By: BarkleyThePom
‘Oh Dats Vine?’
By: Robert Terrell Hayes
Paint Drops Collide
By: Slo Mo Guys
By: Jerome Jarre
By: Ian Padgham
Like clockwork
Carly Foulkes
Taking Signs Too Literally
By: Joseph Cappelli
Amazing Sky
By: Jordan Abuhantash
Beach Time Lapse
By: Zach Fiacco
Slow Motion Dog Sneeze
By: Nate Villegas
Carol of the Bells
By Jacob Carr
The Drive-thru
By Bo Burnham
Cassie the Cougar
Never Seen This Before
By: Justin Lee

I Love Playing Ball With Him
By: Caitlin Williams
Caught my Dog Starring at me While I was Eastting
By: Liane V
He Only Speaks Whale
By: Joey Ahern and Steel
Sean Lion Steals Fish
By: Epic Clips
I have a Weaknes for Breathtaking Views
By: Amymarie Gaertner
Cat one
By: Sixten and Morrgan
Banana Phone Upgrade
By: Dan Driggs
How to Wake up Your Dog
By: Natalie Szumel
Eat that Watermelon!
By: Matthew Paquette
Somebody Won’t let go of Their Toy
By: Hunter Douglas
Turtle Cat
By: Alex Gunn
By: Vincent Marcus

By: Junior
*NEW* Leaked Single From Creed!
By: 80Fitz
When You Lock Your Keys in Your Car
By: Zach King
…Got a new kitty!
By: Austin Miles Geter
Peanut Butter Time
By: Beau
That was a close one…
By: Logan Paul
That’s how I go to sleep
By: Best Animal Vines
Different ways how I open the Bathroom Door
By: Nampaikid
Through the Wardrobe!
By: Thomas Sanders
Mesmerizing 3Ball Dribble
By: KalaniBallFree
Do you Speak Siri?
By: Vincent Marcus

Wall-E #cute
By: Nick Mastodon
By: Brandon Knight
Spontaneous Serenade W/ Cody Johns!
By: Thomas Sanders
Little Bitty….
By: Dwarf Mamba
Backflip over a canyon!
Kelly McGarry / Epic Clips
The First Time You Get a McFlurry
By: The Zac Mamba
I Don’t Even Know What to Call This!
By: Cameron Goldsworthy
Ahh Good “Ol Chemistry
By: Jack Dytrych
So Close… Must Get the Last Crumb!
By: Beau
How Americans Workout!
By: Max Jr
Tramp Dunk Team
By: Not Rob and Big
Getting in to Strangers’ Cars Pt. 2
By Logan Paul

By: Jenna Szabo
By: Wuz Good
By: Dustin Hatzenbuhler
#howto do soccer stuff part 12
By: Zach Hamilton
Sneaky sneaky
By: Christian Delgrosso
Nailed it!!
By: Vincent Marcus
Incredible Dubstep Dance
By: Epic Clips
Black People
By: Korbin Miles
When the Beat Drops in Public (Part 2)
By: Piques

Can Someone Explain This
By:Eddie Rivera
Silly Ducks
By: Sim Greene
Boys in Striped Sweaters
By: TheBreakfastClub
Banana Sings
By:Pete Holmes
Paint dancing on a speaker
By:The Slow Mo Guys
Feeding The Beast
By:Quincy Rudolph
By: Jacob Carr
Donald Duck…
By: Casey John Thompson
Didn’t quite go as planned
By: Princess Lauren
Reverse Hide N Seek
By: Joey Ahern and Steel the Husky

Incredible basejump in Greece
By:Epic Clips
He’s a maniac
Baseball Players Be Like
By:Tripp Adams
Trampoline Wall Walking
By:Trampwall Sam
By: BatDad
Who needs brain cells when you have swag?
By: Jerry Purpdrank
It’s hard leaving your dog
By: Robby Ayala
By: TasiaAlexis
Getting a gift for Demi Lovato
By: Brandon Calvillo
This is how I cut my grapefruit
By: Christian Leonard
By: BatDad

Shine Bright w/ Jermome Jarre
Nash Grier
Water Notes; Only In Japan…
Can you say banana
Blake Griffin INSANE one handed dunk!
By: Best Sports Plays
My little brother Jo lost his two front teeth
Mikaela Swensen
Are you following Jason Nash?
Josh Swensen
Help me Reach One Million Followers
By: Jason Nash
Diggin for Parts
By: Derp
Making Beats
By: Jack and Jack
I ALWAYS run into the Crazy Dog Owners
By: Alx James

My dog is so clingy
Vine By:Andrew Ericson
#radioactive #dance
Amymarie Gaertner
Picking up Arkin Agarwal from work
Dan DiLiberti
Sally listened to Drake one too many times…
Brittany Furlan
“…Spontaneous #musicmoment…”
How does this happen…?
Epic — Explosion
(Song Raindrops (ft. Carmen Forbes))
Daily pk 156. 10/14
Kent Johns

Soccer Players Be Like…
Vine By: Beatbox Khronoz
The Crystal Ball Illusion…
Erik Mana
Skate session
Dylan Blau