10 Easy Kid Pranks | April Fools | Kamri Noel

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Hi guys! Welcome to this weeks video that is all about pranks, pranking, and the best April Fools Day pranks I can think of! All of these funny pranks are hilarious, funny, and fun! You will die laughing as you watch your family re to my pranks and get scared by these DIY pranks that are great for kids.

None of these prank ideas are complicated and only really involve a few simple ingredients, but are sure to get a funny reion and generate comedy and laughs!

I included pranks like this simple how to on turning an otherwise delicious doughnut into a gross mayo filled pastry. Or using a plastic lizard to scare your family the next time they want to use the microwave. This video even has a DIY on using your on face on the underside of the toilet seat to give people a jump!

I know you will love these funniest of funny pranks for April Fools day, but you can also be sure to use these best pranks any time of the year for a good laugh!

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