Wood cutting level – Prank call – Lumber Yard (Runescape)

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My Original Runescape Prank: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxZSuPMyWeM

My real Runescape name is actually Dark Lordd45

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I’m back with a brand new Runescape prank call, buckle in, grab your addy kite shield, get a stolen cake from the Ardougn markets and relax as we go on a new adventure, this is going to be easier than picking flax for money.

This one takes off in a lumber place where they buy and sell wood for housing and furniture, I thought I’d throw a Runescape twist at them and pretend I was in the Runescape world and just keep dumping references relevant to Runescape AND their business. I hope you guys loved it, let me know if you did and share it to all your bros.



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