Top 10 Parkour Fails

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Flips, Jumps, Back-flips and Falls… it’s all fun and games until some one gets hurt — then it’s hilarious. Here are 10 videos of 10 people who thought they could do parkour – but couldn’t in Top 10 Parkour Fails! Tell us your favorite parkour fail in the comments section!

How To Eat Gravel: 0:13 Kid Collides with Ground 0:38 Spinning Trick Ends Short 0:54 Double Flip Takes a Tumble 1:08 Purple Pant Backflip 1:27 Tire Bounce 2:08 Playground Parkour Gets Cold 2:23 Wedding Picture Flip Fail 2:58 Bad Brick Nose Job 3:15 Fence Jump Faceplant 3:29

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